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17 February 2015 @ 10:33 am
OneShot - Never mess with the king  
Title: Never mess with the king
Pairing: OT5

Rating: G
Genre: Comedy, a little bit of horror
Summary: Well, that's what they get when they mess with the king of all kind of games.

Changmin was sitting straight, but the weird thing is that he was shacking, or was it the earth? He crossed his eyebrows then he looked down.

“Hyung! sit straight!” said Changmin crossing his arms.

“SHUT UP!” yelled out Yoochun who was sitting on his knees and hands with Changmin sitting on his back.

Changmin rolled his eyes, he was about to say something back but he turned his face when his other hyung came over with a plate of kimchi in his hands.

“Here!” said Jaejoong trying to hold back his anger as he passed the plate to the maknae who looked at it then back at his hyung.

“…wait…JUNSU HYUNG!” called Changmin for the other hyung who came running from the hallway.

“YES?!” said Junsu as he stopped trying to calm his breath down.

“Did you finish cleaning my room?”

“U-Um…I’m about to finish in a few more minutes…” said Junsu pouting cutely as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“tsk…you really are slow…” said Changmin taking the plate from Jaejoong’s hand.

“Hyung go make me some cookies and milk” ordered Changmin so Jaejoong tried harder to hold on his anger as he turned then stamped his way back to the kitchen.

“Here…” said Changmin giving the plate to Junsu who looked at the Kimichi, and his mouth watered.

“For me?~” said Junsu with hope as he held on the plate close to his nose smelling the wonderful smell of Jaejoong’s cook.

“What?...no! its mine, now feed me” said Changmin opening his mouth wide.

“..Ok~” said Junsu with a pity voice holding back his tears, then he held on the spoon and started to feed the food monster.

Just then Yunho entered the dorm, he took off his jacket and shoes then he entered holding on a huge plastic bag. He made his way toward Changmin and dropped the bag on the tea table beside the three guys.

“Here you go Changmin” said Yunho who looked so tired.

“Got everything on the list hyung?” asked Changmin as he pulled the bag closer toward him to look through the stuff Yunho just bought from the market.

“Yes…all of it” said Yunho throwing himself on the couch with a sigh.

“Ok good now hyung…come here give me a massage.” Said Changmin pointing at his shoulders.

“…Changmin-ah…isn’t this too much for a game punishment?” said Yunho as he stood up and started to do as the maknae ordered.

“No…” said Changmin taking another bite of the kimichi, then he looked up at his hyung.

“Really hyung you should be thankful…all of you should be thankful that I didn’t use the evil side of my mind yet.”

The three men shivered trying to imagine what would Changmin order them to do if he did use his evil side…Yoochun imagined him ordering him something like jogging with him in the early morning everyday for a week, Junsu imagined him ordering him to lose in all the video games they play, and Yunho imagined him ordering him to let him be the leader for a while or something…yeah, it is really scary.

Few minutes later Jaejoong came out from the kitchen holding on the bowl of cookies with a hand and the milk glass with the other hand. He handed them to Changmin so Changmin looked at them with a really unsatisfied face.

“Hyung…some of them are burned” said Changmin pointing at the dark brown cookies.

“WANT ME TO BURN YOU INSTEAD?!” yelled Jaejoong at the maknea scarring the other members.

“hyung~ tsk you have to do as I order remember? I won the game!” said Changmin making his point clear to the angry man in front of him.

“yah! YAH! TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!” said Jaejoong as he put down the bowl and the glass of milk on the tea table before he made his way toward the kitchen taking off his apron.

“fine, fine! I’ll forget about it if you do me one more thing” said Changmin so Jaejoong stopped and turned his body, giving Changmin a really mad look.

“You have to call me hyung in front of the fans in the next fan meeting” said Changmin with an evil smirk on his face.

“What?!” said Jaejoong madly, this will never ever happen.

“You heard me~… and I’ll call you Jaejoong” said Changmin as he took a bite of the cookie Junsu was holding on for him.

“…NO WAY!” Yelled Jaejoong out making it clear.

“Fine~ then you all are going to do as I order you for the end of the week as we agreed before we started to play the game”

Jaejoong was about to say “WHAT EVER” but then the other three members took his attention with their puppy eyes and their sad pouts. He knew it! It’s hard for him to not give in when he dongsangs give him that look.

“…fine~!!!...” said Jaejoong then he continued his way toward the kitchen.

Changmin stood up finally with a smirk on his face, he looked at his hyungs, thanked them and then he left making his way toward his room.

“owww…this really hurt~” said Yoochun holding on his back as he tried to stretch his muscles.

“yeah…” said both Junsu and Yunho who threw themselves on the couch.

“Changmin is really evil…” said Junsu.

“I’m never…ever…going to play again if the punishment is being the King for the day…aishh…my back~” said Yoochun as he tried to stand on his shaky legs, then he made his way slowly toward the couch, throwing himself on it as the other two did.

Just then Jaejoong walked out from the kitchen with an evil smirk, a really scary one with a knife in his hand. The three looked at him with scared lifeless faces.

“J-Jaejoong…what are you…doing?” asked Yunho trying not to look scared at all, which was really obvious.

“I’m so going to punish Changmin for all what he did today” said Jaejoong as his smirk got wider and his hold on the knife got tighter.

“B-by…cooking him~?” said Junsu trying not to mention the killing word.

“What?...” said Jaejoong lifting up one eyebrow as he gave Junsu a weird stare.

“No no!...I thought of…how about watching a horror movie tonight?” said Jaejoong smirking again.

“Ohhhh…” said the three members together smirking too.

“But not just that” said Jaejoong explaining the rest of his evil plan.


After a while, Changmin walked out from the hallway making his way toward the apartment’s door

“Where are you going?!” asked Yunho trying to hide his smirk.

“Kyuhyun called me and asked me to meet him at the video games store…he said there is a really cool new game just published so we want to buy it and try it at super juniors’ apartment.” Explained Changmin as he tied up his shoes.

“Oh ok” said Yunho as he turned his head to continue reading the one piece manga in his hands.

Changmin said goodbye and left the apartment closing the door behind him, just then the 4 members gathered to start working on their plan.

When Changmin got back, it was 10:00 pm already, he walked in and it was kind of weird to see the lights off, where did everyone go? Though changmin as he tried to switch the lights on but it didn’t work.

“HYUNGS!” called Changmin but no one answered him, he closed the door behind him, took off his shoes and walked in holding out his cell phone to light up his way so he wont barge into something.

He called again for his hyungs but no one answered him, suddenly as he stood in the living room the TV turned on itself so Changmin jumped up in shock as he turned to look at the TV which showed a dark room with a little girl sitting in the corner, her long black hair was covering his face and she was shacking her body to the front and the back. Changmin swallowed his saliva and tried not to freak out.

“O-Ok…this is not funny~…h-hyungs” called Changmin trying to laugh normally and calm down when suddenly he heard a sound of whispers calling his name.

He turned his head trying to look for the place the whispers were coming from but he couldn’t. he walked slowly making his way toward the hallway when someone patted his shoulder softly.

He turned around quickly but found no one which freaked him out for real now, he swallowed his saliva again and shivered really hard.

“What the…?” whispered Changmin trying to convince himself that this is not real, there are no ghosts! It’s always only in movies and video games~.

But this wasn’t working at all when suddenly the little girl in the TV moved closer and closer toward the TV screen like in all horror movies happens, and showed one of her creepy eyes through her hair whispering.



Changmin was really shivering now, he fall down on the floor, hugged on his legs tightly and hid his face in his arms trying not to cry.

Just then the lights finally turned on and his hyungs walked out from their places laughing hard at him till he finally realized what just happened and looked at them in shock with tears in his eyes.

They are kidding right?! They didn’t just use his fears of ghosts for revenge or something right?! This is just so mean!

The hyungs stopped laughing when they saw Changmin was really shivering like crazy, they looked at him for few seconds and realized the tears in his eyes and how he was spacing out and they got scared.

“Changmin?” Called Yunho but Changmin didn’t answer him so all of them looked at each other in worry.

“C-Changmin?...” called Jaejoong this time as he kneed in front of him and put his hand on Changmin’s arm.

“NO! NO! THE GHOST!! THE LITTLE GIRL!!” screamed Changmin out trying to hide his head in his arms and pull on his legs as tight as he could to hide from the ghost and the scary girl.

At that moment the four members all gathered around Changmin to check on him, their hearts were beating so fast and they got really worried now.

“Changmin-ah its us! Don’t be scared!” Called Yoochun trying to pull him out of his ball but Changmin was holding so tight on himself.

“Changmin-ah! Lets play video games! I’ll let you win!” said Junsu this time rubbing his back softly to make him calm down.

“Changmin-ah how about some hot chocolate huh? I’ll make you some” said Jaejoong as he finally could pull on one of his arms.

“J-Jaejoong hyung~” called Changmin softly sniffing with a pouty lips.

“Yes! Its me Changmin-ah” said Jaejoong as he smiled in relief.

“T-there was that little girl~…she was c-calling my name~” said Changmin with a really soft petty voice.

“No, no, Changmin-ah it was me!...I-I was kidding look!” said Yunho turning Changmin’s face to look at him as he talked with his high voice to show the maknae that it was him.

“Really hyung~?” asked Changmin with the same petty voice sniffing again.

“Y-yeah! All things happened aren’t real! We did them! it’s a joke so don’t be scared!” said Yunho explaining for Changmin who crossed his eye borrows in a really cute way, just like a little kid.

“It’s not funny~” said Changmin with a big pout.

“We’re sorry Changmin-ah really” Said Junsu this time still rubbing his back.

“I’ll go get you the hot chocolate ok Min-ah?” said Jaejoong softly rubbing Changmin’s arm softly so Changmin nodded softly still pouting.

Jaejoong quickly got up and made his way to the kitchen as the other three were still apologizing for what they did.

After a while Changmin was wearing on a gray T-shirt and black sweatpants, sitting in the middle of the couch in the living room with a cup of hot chocolate in his hand, and he was watching Yunho, Junsu and Yoochun making silly dancing moves, trying to cheer him up as Jaejoong was cooking for him all his favorite foods for dinner.

Changmin smiled at his hyung’s funny moves, then he lift up the cup to take a sip of the hot chocolate, well that’s all what his hyungs know, they didn’t know that Changmin was not just a smart evil guy, he actually was an evil genius.

Well, that’s what they get when they mess with the king of all kind of games.

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Wanda M. H.keepcalmn_aktf on February 17th, 2015 08:59 am (UTC)

I knew it! That evil monster was not really scared!!
Pissh! Poor hyungs...
Though...does Jae still have to call him hyung?

sweetspringcute_chan on February 17th, 2015 09:33 am (UTC)
hahaha yeah~ just never mess with the king! XD

nop jj doesn't need to, changmin just made them do things for him willingly but calling him hyung doesn't count
ema_tsukimoriema_tsukimori on February 18th, 2015 12:07 am (UTC)
TARDISKEEPERtardiskeeper on February 24th, 2015 01:14 pm (UTC)
Good actor to add to that list, yah, he truly doesn't like to loose.
Thank you!