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05 July 2013 @ 05:02 pm
One-Shot - DB5K after 10 years  

Title: DB5K after 10 years
Pairing: OT5 (friends) / fiction girls
Rating: PG
Length: OneShot
Genre: Fluff, friendship, kind of romantic.
Summary: TVXQ 5 members after 10 year, how would their life looks like??



Time: 9:00 am

Day: Sunday




Yunho the 37 years old man was playing video games with his little kid, little Yunho. Yunho’s wife walked out from the kitchen and looked at her husband and her son sitting on the floor in front of the TV.

“Yunho-ah~ the breakfast is ready, when are you planning to turn off the video games?” asked Yunho’s wife whining a little as Yunho kept pressing the buttons.

“Just…Just a minute sweety…OH NO!” Yelled Yunho as his son was about to win over him.

“Yunho~! You’re acting like a kid!! Even your son is not obeying~!” said Yunho’s wife a little louder as she started to get annoyed by her husband.

“Just a second sweety~”

“Just a second mom~”

Yunho’s wife widened her eyes as both of them answered her in the same time, and then she sighed and left them making her way toward a room.

She opened the door of the room and smiled as she saw her little twins are wearing their clothes ready for the trip today. They wore same clothes with different colors; The first one wore Pink t-shirt with blue pants, while the other one wore yellow t-shirt with blue pants.

They saw their mom and ran toward her happily, so Yunho’s wife kneed down hugging her twin daughters.

“Momy~ we’re ready” they said together so their mom giggled.

“You look adorable~…go take dad to the kitchen so we can eat breakfast fast and go to the park”

“YAY~!!” yelled both girls and ran fast toward Yunho, one of them hugged Yunho’s neck tight and kissed his cheek, while the other one pulled his arm trying to take him to the kitchen.

“Dady~ we must go eat”

“Come on dady~”

“Oh!…wait…w-wait princesses~…wait I’m losing!!…OH NO!”

Finally as the two little girls kept nagging on their father he lost. Yunho looked at them with a mad stare, which wasn’t a real~ one as they laughed at them while his son was running around the living room happily that he won.

“Are you happy now? ~ you made me lose~” whined Yunho as he pulled his two little girls in to his lap tickling them.

Few minutes’ laughter of laughing, finally Yunho stood up, held his little princesses’ hands and walked toward the kitchen as his son ran passing by them to enter the kitchen.

Yunho looked at his beautiful wife as she helped her little twins to sit on the chairs. He smiled and walked toward her so she acted like if she’s busy walking away from him, but it didn’t happen as he pulled her by her arm toward him.

She pouted looking everywhere but Yunho, acting like if she’s mad at him so his smile got wider whispering.

“My queen is mad because of me?” whispered Yunho asking his wife but she said nothing, she just kept looking at his chest, avoiding his stares. Yunho smiled wider and leaned whispering again.

“If you’re not going to smile I’ll kiss you in front of the kids.”

Yunho’s wife widened her eyes and tried to pull her arm out from Yunho’s hold, but that wasn’t yunho’s plan so he held tight and pulled her closer

“I’ll kiss you if you don’t smile” whispered again Yunho and she looked up at him but said nothing so he laughed softly and held her chin.

“Ok then…” He leaned closer to kiss her but she pushed him blushing.

“Ok! Ok! I’m not mad anymore see.” She pointed at her lips as she smiled.

Yunho laughed louder this time then he pulled her again and kissed her cheek pulling out the chair beside his chair and helped his “Queen” to sit down, then he took as seat and started eating their breakfast with their kids who were laughing at their parents.


Time: 9:00 am

Day: Sunday

Changmin walked in to the kitchen and smiled, on the right side there was this cute little baby sitting in her baby chair playing with her pink plastic spoon. And on the other side, there was Changmin’s wife cutting some vegetables for breakfast as she does every morning.

Changmin sighed and walked silently toward his baby girl, leaned and kissed her head, she looked up at her dad as she was sucking on the spoon, then she smiled and pulled the spoon out from her mouth offering it to her dad.

Changmin’s smile got wider and he patted her head, then he left her playing and made his way toward his wife, who didn’t realize him entering the kitchen till now.

Changmin hugged his wife from the back and put his chin over her shoulder, she smiled, she wasn’t surprised because she already used to his moves.

“Good morning oppa” she said as she turned her head and looked at Changmin smiling.

“Good morning” said Changmin kissing her cheek then his sniffed.

“mmm~…the smell of the food is so good.”

Changmin’s wife giggled at her husband’s cuteness as she kept working, while he kept hugging her, watching her making their breakfast, few minutes and changmin started to sing with his beautiful voice.

Suddenly they heard the sound of little feet steps running in to the kitchen but they didn’t turn their heads to see who was it, they already know its little Changmin, their kid.

“YAH! DAD! Stop hugging mom like this and let her work!”

“Just sit down and be quiet” said Changmin as he turned his head looking at his kid without letting go of his wife.

“THAT’S NOT FAIR!!…my tummy is calling for food~…why don’t you just let her finish the breakfast then go to your room and do whatever you want” said Changmin’s son as he stamped his foot on the floor madly.

Changmin’s wife widened her eyes as her cheeks turned red, since when does her little kid knows these stuff? He’s only 8! Oh come on!!

“YAH! YOU LITTLE…” Yelled Changmin but he stopped as little Changmin ran out from the kitchen.

He followed him out, running after him all around the living room till he got tired so he stopped and got back to the kitchen to take a seat on the chair, so did his son.

“This kid…must…stop talking like that” said Changmin breathless and leaned his head on the table.

“He’s your kid” Said Changmin’s wife as she turned putting two more plates on the table, then she sat on the chair beside Changmin.

“Yah, he’s your kid too I didn’t make him alone~” said changmin as he lifted his head of the table and looked at his wife.

“Yah~~ the way you talk is the reason why he learned these stuff in his early age.” Said Changmin’s wife blushing madly.

“You talk like if you don’t like it” said Changmin smirking at his wife as she blushed more.

“oppa~~~ please stop talking like this already~”

Changmin laughed at his wife and said nothing more as he pulled the eating sticks and started eating.

After breakfast was done, Changmin’s wife finished washing the dishes, she pulled her baby out from her chair then she put her in her other chair in the living room with Changmin and their son who were watching TV.

“Aren’t you going to get ready? We have to be at the park by 10:00” asked Changmin’s wife as she gave her baby, her toy.

“Just a minute I’m watching this” said Changmin not turning his face from the TV.

“Ok then take care of her I’ll go change first”

Changmin nodded as his wife made her way in to their room, she changed in to a dress, made sure she’s ready then she walked out toward the living room. Changmin turned his head and looked at his wife so she smiled.

“How do I look?”

“umm…isn’t this the one I bought for you last week?” asked Changmin his wife so she nodded.

“Yes, what do you think?”

“hmmm…I’m not sure if it’s the same one…was it this ugly when I bought it?” asked Changmin teasing his wife who gasped in shock.

“what do you mean?!”

“nothing it’s just…I thought it will look better on you…too bad I was wrong” smirked Changmin knowing that she’s going to blow up right now.

“CHIM CHANGMIN HOW COULD YOU?!” yelled Changmin’s wife which made her baby cry, but she didn’t realize it since she was so mad and walked away making her way toward their room.

“Wait” said Changmin so she turned around looking at him, waiting for him to apologize.

“She’s crying aren’t you taking her with you?”

Changmin’s wife pouted more and turned again making her way toward their room, she walked it and closed the door behind her madly. Changmin laughed a little then he got up to knee in front of his baby, he gave her, her toy so she stopped crying.

Then he made his way toward their room, he knocked the door but his wife didn’t answer so he just walked in.

“love?” tried Changmin walking in and closing the door behind him.

“Don’t talk to me~” said Changmin’s wife madly as she was sitting with her back toward the door. Changmin smirked as he kept his act.

“Ok, but it’s not our baby’s fault~ she’s crying outside” said Changmin still smirking as he leaned at the wall.

Changmin’s wife pulled out of the pillows on their bed and threw it at him making him laugh loudly. He held on the pillow and made his way toward his wife who kept giving him her back.

“You’re mad at me?” asked Changmin putting the pillow on the bed then he sat behind his wife as she kept silent.

“Oh come on love~ you know I was only kidding~” said Changmin turning her around but she kept quite so he pulled her hand up and kissed it.

“you’re not funny Changmin~” she said pouting so Changmin laughed.

“Yet you married me” Changmin tried to make his wife laugh but it didn’t work so he hugged her.

“You know I love you” he whispered in to her ear.

“and I’m sorry, you look so beautiful and I was just kidding.”

Changmin’s wife smiled blushing then she hugged him back whispering that she loves him too.


Time: 9:00 am

Day: Sunday

Jaejoong woke up early today, he was making breakfast for his family with a big smile on his lips as he was singing softly. As he was busy with the breakfast, his wife walked in to the kitchen and sighed.

“Good morning sweety~” said Jaejoong looking at her then he looked back at the food.

“Good morning…you’re making breakfast for today too?”

“Yes, I found you sleeping deeply, you looked so tired so I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“But Joongi~…this is my job~, and you’re already tired because of your job~ Don’t strain yourself.”

Jaejoong looked at his wife as she was pulling up her hair to tie it then he walked toward her and hugged her.

“I love you” whispered Jaejoong making his wife blush as she hugged him back.

“I love you too.” Whispered Jaejoong’s wife back.

The silent felled the place, it was a beautiful morning, and Jaejoong’s hug was so warm so why would she let go?

“awww~ dad and mom look so beautiful~” said Jaejoong’s girls, so they turned their heads looking at the door where these 3 girls were standing.

Jaejoong laughed at his daughters then he pulled his wife closer as if there was more space between them, then he pulled his cell phone out from his pants’ back pocket and gave it to one of his daughters.

“Take a picture of Mom and Dad~” said Jaejoong making his wife laugh.

She tried to pull herself out from his arms but he didn’t let go of her, so she had no other choice and hugged him back looking at the cell phone as their daughter took a picture of them.

“Can we now eat our breakfast? We need to be ready we’ll be late” said Jaejoong’s wife as he finally let go of her.

Jaejoong nodded and they all sat down eating their breakfast together. Suddenly Jaejoong’s wife realized something and widened her eyes looking at Jaejoong who looked confused.

“Joongi~?…did you arrange the dishes again?~” Jaejoong gave his wife really cute stares trying to make her calm down which works everytime.

“I’m sorry sweety but I really like them this way~”

Jaejoong’s wife sighed but then she nodded as she got back to eating her food.

As they finished, they changed their clothes and got ready. Jaejoong hugged his wife from the back as she was brushing her hair in front of the mirror. She smiled and turned around looking at him.

“You’re done Joongi?”

“Yes…do I look handsome?” asked Jaejoong as he brushed his nose with his wife’s nose so she giggled and nodded.

“Only handsome?…not even sexy?”

“ hmmm~ no~” She said giggling again as she pushed him off softly.

“We’re late Joongi~…I’ll go check on the girls.” Said Jaejoong’s wife and ran out fast from their room, which made Jaejoong laugh before checking his look again then he walked out from their room too.


Time: 9:00 am

Day: Sunday

Yoochun’s wife walked in to their room and puffed her cheeks looking at her sleeping husband; she’s been trying to wake him up since ever but didn’t wake up till now.

“Chunni~~, wake up~” said Yoochun’s wife as she made her way toward the bed and sat down on the bed side, behind Yoochun who was sleeping while giving her his back.

“mmm~…” whined Yoochun softly but still he didn’t get up.

“Chunni come on~ wake up~ breakfast is getting cold~” Yoochun’s wife tried again.

“Baby it’s not even 10:00 yet.” Said Yoochun with a sleepy voice.

“Chunni~, you know we must be at the park by 10:00 so wake up~”

“Did you wake our son?” asked Yoochun sighing softly.

“I tried but he’s not waking up…tsk he acts just like you”

“Wake him up and I’ll follow you” said Yoochun smiling softly in his sleep.

Yoochun’s wife sighed and left the room making her way toward her little boy’s room.

“Hunny…come on wake up already, your dad wants to talk to you” she tried again as she pulled of the blanket.

“mmm~ mom~ just 5 minutes” the little kid said trying to find his blanket with his hand as he kept his eyes closed.

“no! no more sleeping, go wash your face breakfast is getting cold” Yoochun’s wife pulled her son out from the bed and help him to wear on his slippers.

She got back in to their room to find that Yoochun didn’t move from his pose yet so she pulled off the blanket as she did with her son moving Yoochun to wake up.

“Chunni~ come on~ I woke our son up come on wake up, wake up~!”

Yoochun wasn’t planning to leave the bed yet, but the way his wife was moving him was annoying him so he sat up and hugged his wife leaning his chin over her shoulder with his closed eyes.

“Chunni~~” sighed Yoochun’s wife whining

“Baby I love you, let’s stay like this for a while”

“no~ we’re going to be late Chunni”

“Baby you look so beautiful today” said Yoochun with a lazy voice without opening his eyes making his wife blush madly, usually he use this trick to get what he want but not this time.

“Yah~ Chunni stop joking and wake up” said Yoochun’s wife as she tried to push him off softly but he tighten the hug around her waist.

“Let’s stay like this for few minutes please”

“Chunni~~” whined Yoochun’s wife one more time, and finally Yoochun opened his eyes and turned his head looking at his wife with his sleepy eyes and his beautiful smile.

“Yes baby?”

“Stop acting like this, your kid is awake already” whispered Yoochun’s wife smiling softly.

“Ok, but give me a kiss first”

Yoochun’s wife blushed a little but she did as he asked her and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“hmm I don’t like it, give me another one” whispered Yoochun shaking his head softly making his wife giggles and kiss his other cheek.

“neither this one…give me another one”

Yoochun’s wife laughed softly so he laughed too then he gave her a small kiss on the lips before letting her go to get off bed, just when they realized their son standing by the door, looking at them with a smirk.

“wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t wake me up first?”

Yoochun laughed and got off bed hugging his son while messing his hair. The three members of Park family laughed out loud before they made their way finally to the kitchen.


Time: 9:00 am

Day: Sunday

Junsu was in the balcony passing the succor ball softly to his little baby boy, yes Junsu has 3 kids and the youngest kid was still learning how to walk.

The baby laughed happily clapping his hands then he lifted up his arms as he made his way slowly toward the ball to catch it, but Junsu wanted to tease him a little so he pulled the ball toward him.

The baby looked up at his dad for a second like if he was shocked of what just happened, but then he fall on his butt and laughed loudly, Junsu laughed too as he called for his wife.

“Hunny~~ come and see this!”

“I’M COMING~!” yelled Junsu’s wife as she left the bag she was putting her baby’s stuff in and ran to the balcony.

Junsu’s wife laughed loudly as she watched her baby clapping his hands happily and moving them like if he’s calling the ball to come to him.

“awww my cute baby~ you want a ball? Hm?~ here I’ll give you a small one” said Junsu’s wife as she made her way back toward the bag, she put her baby in his chair and gave him a small soft ball to play with.

Junsu was standing by the balcony door watching his beautiful wife taking care of their baby, he smiled to himself thinking of how happy he is.

“Are the boys still sleeping?” asked Junsu his wife who was busy changing their baby’s clothes.

“Yes they are”

Junsu made his way toward his boys’ room and opened the door, the room was full with singers’ and succor players’ posters, which shows that his kids has the same dream like their dad.

“Yah!…wake up”

Junsu yelled at his kids clapping his hands to wake them up, they moved in their bed but they didn’t wake up, so Junsu sat down on the side of the bed and smacked one of his kids’ butt.

“Yah~ wake up already, you’re not planning to lose today are you?”

Junsu’s kid suddenly got up widening his eyes and quickly he made his way toward his brother’s bed shaking him to wake up.

“yah~ yah~ wake up we have to win today~”

“oh…right…I forgot~”

Junsu’s kids ran out from their room and he followed them watching them as they made their way toward their mom.

“go wash your faces~”

“YES MOM~!!”

Junsu bit his lips trying to not laugh as he watched one of his kids running toward the bathroom as the other one danced toward the bathroom.

Junsu’s wife finally finished changing their baby’s clothes as Junsu made his way toward them playing with his ball.

“Junsu!…you’ll drop it and break something~” said Junsu’s wife gasping of sudden when she saw him playing like that.

Junsu smirked as he got an kind of evil idea, he threw the ball up and yelled.

“OH NO!!”

Junsu’s wife was about to scream but he quickly caught the ball and laughed his famous laugh. She sighed in relief then she hit Junsu’s arm softly so he tried to hold back his laugh as much as he can watching his wife pouting at him cutely.

“awww~ don’t be mad now~” said Junsu pouting too so she couldn’t keep it up and she smiled at him so he smiled back then he leant and kissed her cheek.

“DAD!! DAD!! DAD!!”

Junsu and his wife turned their heads to look at their two little kids are ready, wearing the blue succor t-shirt just like their dad with different numbers. Even their baby was wearing the same t-shirt but smaller of course.

“Dad~ brush my hair~”

“Me too Dad”

“awww and what about me?~ I’m you mom too” pouted Junsu’s wife at her kids.

“But mom, we want to have the same hair style dad has”


Junsu’s wife smiled at her little kids as they pouted at her too, she nodded finally so they ran toward Junsu to change their hair style.

“Done~!” said Junsu and his wife clapped her hands squeaking about cute they all look.

“awww~ you all look so cute~”

Suddenly Junsu made his way toward their baby and pulled him out from his chair making his way toward the couch, he sat down and made his baby sit between his legs, then he pulled the brush which was beside him.

“Junsu?…What are you going to do?” asked Junsu’s wife with a worried voice. Junsu smiled silently.

“Junsu~ he’s still a baby~”

“Don’t worry he’ll be fine…I want him to look like dady…we’ll be a team”

“But Junsu~…”

“Look, he’s so cute~” said Junsu holding his baby up, posting his head beside his baby’s head.

“Yeah~ so cute, just like his dad” giggled Junsu’s wife looking at her baby and her cute husband.

“I know I’m cute”

“aww you’re so self-conceited~” said Junsu’s wife laughing.

“And you still married me” said Junsu pouting out his lips which made his wife laugh, then he stood up carrying his baby and a bag over his free shoulder.

“Shell we go?”

All the family nodded, they made their way toward the front door, Junsu’s wife opened the door as Junsu and their 2 little kids walked out, she held tight on her baby’s bag then she walked out too and closed the door behind her.

At The Park

As time passed all families arrived to one of Seoul’s parks.

“Ahhh~, How wonderful is the weather today, I feel sleepy” said Yoochun as he laid his head on his wife’s thigh closing his eyes with a huge smile.

“YAH!! YOU CAME HERE TO PLAY OR TO SLEEP?!” Yelled Junsu suddenly with his dolphin voice.

“Hmmm, sleep..I think…”

Junsu was about to say something when suddenly Changmin cut him.

“mmm~ I feel hungry” Said Changmin as he pulled out one of the sandwiches his wife made.

“YAH!! DIDN’T YOU EAT BEFORE YOU COME?!” Yelled Junsu again but this time at Changmin who ignored him eating his sandwich happily.

Junsu sighed and held on his ball leaving his two lazy friends as he made his way toward Jaejoong and Yunho who seemed to be busy discussing about something, maybe for their new comeback.

“Jaejoong hyung, Yunho hyung…come on let’s play already” said Junsu taking the two men’s attention.

“Just a second Junsu” said Jaejoong pointing at Junsu with one finger then he got back to his discuss with Yunho.

“Hyung~ it’s not the time for work, we planned to come here today to play not to work~”

“Junsu-ah~ just a second”

Junsu sighed as he got annoyed now, so he thought of an idea to make his hyungs come and play with him, and in a minute he smirked looking at Yunho who was giving him his back.


“WHAT?!…YAH! pull back what you just said Junsu-ah!” said Yunho with widen eyes, he was really shocked of what Junsu said.

“NO!! you don’t want to play because you know you’re a coward~” Junsu smirked at Yunho and left him there making him bowl.

“YAH!!…WAIT!!” Yunho ran after Junsu and Junsu laughed out his “KYAH YAH YAH!” laugh.

Junsu kicked the ball toward Yunho so Yunho kicked it back and they started to play, Jaejoong sighed but then he smiled and followed them to play too.

Few minutes as Yoochun was watching his friends playing and laughing, he smiled and stood up pulling Changmin with him.

“Hyung~ I was eating~” whined Changmin trying to pull out his wriest from Yoochun’s hold.

“Later Changmin-ah~ come on let’s play with them.”

Changmin nodded smiling and so the 5 members started to play together, as their kids were playing few miters away from them.

I know it’s just my imagination, I know they might wont get married in these few years, but I wanted to try imagining their life, together and with new families.

Always Keep The Faith

neuromancer: DBSK - Jaejoong06n3uromanc3r on July 5th, 2013 07:19 pm (UTC)
Ahhh it was sweet, my favourite scene was Jaejoong's morning with him asking his daughters to take a photo of their parents - probably for posting it to twitter! : D
cutie_asscutie_ass on July 8th, 2013 04:50 am (UTC)
Hey I dunno u write fic again, I thought u said u wouldn't be writing again?
sweetspringcute_chan on July 10th, 2013 06:46 am (UTC)
I did say that, but then I thought why not writing FRIENDSHIP stuff, no yoosu and no yunjae, just best friends TVXQ5 ^^
cutie_asscutie_ass on July 10th, 2013 08:19 am (UTC)
What a pity, such a waste , I mean everyone love ur fics, and it just..*sigh*
Is it really forbidden to write them as couples? Huhuhu if only I had writing skills and great muse as u, but oh well I need to respect ur decision*huggles*
sweetspringcute_chan on July 11th, 2013 07:01 am (UTC)
I'm sorry~~~ and yes its forbidden ><". But I hope you'll try to read my friendship fics, maybe you would like them ^^"